Karen Hay

Karen Hay with her painting “Hickory Buds” at the Carnegie Center for the Arts annual juried show

Karen Hay has been interested in the arts since she was a child taking youth classes at the South Bend Museum of Art center. Over the years she has learned silver working, pottery and painting, most recently studying watercolor painting with Joan Hector in Three Rivers. Hay has also designed and built theater sets for about fifteen productions, and has worked to organize and promote the yearly ‘Harmony Fest’, Three Rivers’ premier musical event.

“I work hard to capture light, specifically on water, impressionistic. I love to almost create the image and let the viewer follow through with their own insights. Painting this way is like set painting… it’s not all there, the viewer fills in the rest,” she says.

Art and life, for Hay, flow together. “I have the idea that I can always make whatever I want. Sew what I want, construct and remodel my house, make jewelry, the person with the most skills wins! Theater sets started from making costumes, to building and painting the sets.”

“I do HarmonyFest as because I need to work with others in a common goal, plus I hate racism and love a party,” she adds.

Her advice to young painters is, “Don’t use more than 4 colors in a mix as it becomes mud. And, know when to stop painting!”

Rose Cottage (closed)

Karen Hay was juried in as an artist member of the Three Rivers Artists Guild in 2012. She has recently added stained glass pieces as well as assemblage “treasure boxes” to her artistic output.

Rose Cottage (open)