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Julia Emanuel

Successful artwork draws on the artist’s knowledge, experience, and thoughtful planning, but ultimately arises from the heart. The process of creation is joyful and spiritual, maybe sacred, always scary.The process is always more significant than the product, although it is the product upon which the world casts its judgment. The process began with an embryo of thought – a word, a phrase, a feeling, a snapshot; an internal or external event which gave rise to a longing that was incubated and grew deep within the recesses of the unconscious mind, until it gained sufficient substance to survive in the realm of conscious attention.

As artists, we take something from deep inside and manifest it to be handled and examined and judged. We have no choice. We risk being judged unworthy, because the alternative is a slow, sure death of spirit by atrophy and neglect.  Anyone who follows the compulsion to create a piece of art must be honored and celebrated for courage, if for nothing else.

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