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Judith Brook

  • I have a Bachelors in Fine Art with Graphic Design concentration.
    I have worked as a designer and art director for almost 30 years at design agencies and in the corporate world. I am presently a freelance Graphic Designer with many regional clients. I designed the logo for the Three Rivers Artists Guild.

  • The love of color, texture and form has always been in my heart and a huge part of my life. My mind is constantly in the process of creating.
  • My husband and I have raised llamas for 17 years. I breed and birth the llamas, then shear and process their fiber each Spring. Not only does this shearing provide me with beautiful, soft and clean fiber, it relieves the animals of heat-related stress.
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  • It is a natural outcropping of my love of llamas, all fibers, plus color and texture, for me to utilize their fiber in an art form that all can enjoy.
  • I knit, crochet, felt and weave my creations, then embellish with beads, buttons, feathers, shells, fur and other natural fibers.

  • The majority of my creations incorporate some llama yarn or rovings obtained from my llamas. Therefore, my work is truly natural, regional and in many instances, recycled.
  • Other recycled fibers I use are:sari silk yarn, obtained from the remnants of silk saris made in India; natural plant and animal fibers, vintage jewelry and buttons and more.
  • Contact me for custom orders or a studio visit.


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