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Dorothy J. Brueck

Triple Creek Pottery and fine arts

My fascination with clay began as early as I can recall. More intense clay work began in high school, when it was apparent that throwing on the potter’s wheel and the manipulation of the clay came naturally. Now, some thirty years later, I continue to have the same intensity with clay as I did as a child. I continue to push the clay to its limits and challenge areas of the clay that have been dismissed through history, proving old philosophies wrong.

College studies allowed for a concentration in the medium of clay, with a major in art education and a minor in drawing and design. Over the years I have studied the Asian pottery arts. In college, I studied with Professor Oh of Korea, and in 2005 took a pottery tour and training in Korea. The tour included the historic Celadon Festival, visiting colleges of fine arts and working in a professional pottery studio. Recently I had an invitation to participate in the World Ceramic Symposium in China, but was unable to attend.

The education of others has always been important to my life, and I teach in the K-12 school system, at Blue Lake Fine Arts every summer in the Ceramics Department, and occasionally in my studio. I have taught at the college level and at the Battle Creek Art Center and the Carnegie Center for the Arts.

Triple Creek Pottery Studio was in the basement of my home until June of 2005, when the new studio went into construction next to my home. At one time there were thirty pottery students spread through my basement, which made training difficult and impossible at times. The new studio has allowed everyone to be together in one large space with a lot of natural light and additional equipment, opening up additional opportunities for my students and for me.

As a lifelong resident of the Three Rivers area I am pleased to be part of the Three Rivers Artists Guild. The Three Rivers Artists Guild is embracing the arts and allowing us to continue to build upon our talents within our own community. The Three Rivers area is very important to me due to my heritage in the area. I grew up in Three Rivers on a small farm. My family emphasized the youth organizations of the Girl and Boy Scouts and 4-H. My parents were active in promoting all of the children in the family to enjoy our youth by pursuing athletics, music, and the visual arts. I am thankful for this support and for the opportunities in all areas.

My interest in the arts is not only for my own self-discovery but also for the education of others. Many times my teaching has come ahead of my own self discovery. I am pleased that the Three Rivers Artist Guild has been formed by some very motivated and creative people who have encouraged me to follow my own interests in the arts.

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