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Cheryl Peck

Gourd Artist/Photographer/Author

Cheryl Peck spent twenty-five years being a civil servant whose job required her to be pleasant and positive at all times. She determined this restriction did not accurately reflect her basic disposition and she retired. Ironically, her disposition improved almost immediately.

While she was still gainfully employed she wrote and sold to Warner Brothers two non-fiction books, Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs and Revenge of the Paste Eaters. She has also published a book of poetry, Splitting the Difference. After retiring, she has completed a novel (her life dream) which is presently languishing on someone’s desk in New York, and she is finishing up a third non-fiction humor book tentatively titled And I on My Laptop, and a non-fiction photo-essay (revised blog) titled Whisker Whipped.

Cheryl bought her first 35mm cameras in 1976 and shot roughly a roll of film a week, every week, until 2003 when she switched to a digital camera. She loves photography and is more likely to be able to find her camera in her hand than her keys.

After she retired, Cheryl found an old wood-burning tool from her lost childhood and bought several gourds to practice burning, a creative outlet which may hover tentatively on the brink of fine art. She has also ventured into gourd-carving, which has necessitated the purchase of a coveted set of wood carving tools. Much of Cheryl’s work with gourds has tapped into her pre-existing collection of art supplies and her partner insists that she cannot buy any more until she has used those she already has. She long dreamed of being an artist, but she only recently heard a lifetime of advice from other artists, most of which could be summarized in a Nike commercial (“Just do it!”)

The only degree Cheryl can claim is a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Michigan which clarifies, beyond all doubt, that she knows and understands English.

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