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Need more information on Jurying?
To assist in understanding the process of jurying-in, typical jurying-in standards for a fine art group are listed below.

  • Artistic style:
    • Works show the individual style of the artist.
    • Works are not copied; pieces express the artists personal feelings and thoughts.
  • Technical skill:
    • Handling of the media and materials in the works shows control, skill and experience.
  • Design and consistency:
    • The design or composition of the works exhibit knowledge of the principles of design.
    • Works show a design consistency within each piece and through the pieces presented.
    • Works show that they have taken time, thought, knowledge and skill to complete.
  • Presentation:
    • Works are presented in a manner that enhances the art.
    • Pieces presented are complete and ready for display.
  • Overall impression:
    • Jurors will need to have a positive overall impression of the works presented. This will be a subjective decision, and will depend on the particular jury and jurors.

Note: Work presented to the jury at a New Member Jurying-In Day must be the original work of the artist and should be representative of the quality and nature of the artist’s current work. It will be at the discretion of the jury to accept or reject the work. Decisions are, of necessity, subjective; not based only on a checklist of competency points, but also on the jurors’ interpretation of and reaction to the works presented – and the jurors’ take on how the works presented fit in with the Guild’s ideas and emphasis.
Jurying-in requirements of other art associations:
New Hampshire Art Association
League of NH Craftsmen

Some art associations hold an annual juried show, then invite those juried in to the show to become members.

Craft Fairs and Art & Craft fairs have “Standards Reviews” which are similar to the jurying done for art associations and art shows, but the focus is on overall appearance, including both the artwork and the “booth” set up, as well as checking that the offered arts and crafts are a good fit with the fair’s customers. Gallery spaces may also make selections on the basis of saleability – “price point (for) our customer demographic” (Vicksburg Arts Center gallery selection criteria,

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