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To apply for membership, click here: Guild_Application.

Membership is open to anyone, from any community, who wants to help support and promote original fine art in the Three Rivers area. Membership is in two categories, Artist Members and Friends of the Guild.

We appreciate support from our Friends of the Guild members, who help support the Guild’s mission and goals in our community. Friends of the Guild members may not be Officers or Board Members, and may not exhibit or sell at Guild special events.

Artist Members must be juried in. All Officers and members of the Guild’s Board of Directors must be Artist Members. Only Artist Members may show and sell their artwork at Three Rivers Artists Guild special events. Artist members each have a page on the Guild’s community website for an artist’s bio or statement, a photo of the artist, and images of the artist’s work.

In order to be considered for membership as an Artist Member, you will need to do the following:

  • Check the list of “work unacceptable for presenting to the jury” to see if your work will be a good fit with the Guild.
  • Fill out the application. (Download here: Guild_Application, or you may email to ask for an application to be sent to you through the mail.)
  • Mail the fee and the filled-out application to the Guild. You will then be notified of the jurying-in time, date and place.
  • Prepare five pieces of recently completed work for presentation.
  • Show up on the scheduled jurying date. (See this article on jurying-in if you are unfamiliar with the process.)

You will be notified by mail of the jury’s decision. Jurying fee will be refunded if you are not accepted.

Acceptable work for jurying
Acceptable work for presenting to the jury is original fine art and fine art crafts, properly presented in a professional manner (about presentation.)
Fine art, the emphasis of the Three Rivers Artists Guild, has been defined as the creation of masterfully made objects pleasing the senses, but with a larger and deeper meaning that creates an emotional reaction to the piece. The creator’s intent may define whether works are fine art or not. Some works may require more explanation to the jury than others.

Unacceptable work for jurying
Works unacceptable for submission or for exhibition at Three Rivers Artists Guild events may still be be attractive and carefully done, but not in line with the emphasis of the Three Rivers Artists Guild. Works not accepted for jurying include, but are not limited to:

  • Anything that violates copyright law.
  • Student work (work executed under supervision) is not acceptable for jurying as it is partially the teacher’s work.
  • Pieces intended for functional use, based primarily or entirely on purchased and/or manufactured items including manufactured patterns or molds, are not acceptable for jurying or for exhibition at Three Rivers Artists Guild events. (If you are not sure, click here for some Examples) Again, this is NOT a judgment on the attractiveness of such items, or whether or not they are “art”. The choice reflects the Guild’s emphasis on certain kinds of work.

For examples of artwork done by members of the Three Rivers Artists Guild, please visit the “our artists” page or click on the artist names below. If you still have questions as to whether or not your artwork fits with Guild requirements, please contact the Three Rivers Artists Guild by email at The decision of The Guild is final. Artists not accepted at the first jurying may reapply after one year.
For questions regarding membership requirements or jurying in, contact the Guild at:

Published on: May 19, 2010
Revised on: Feb. 15, 2015

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