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Hospital Show

Three Rivers Artists Guild members spent many months putting together the Guild’s first group show, works with the theme of “Healing”. The show will be hung in the Three Rivers Health (hospital) main entry building. Kathy Jones, of Three Rivers Health, and Mary Powers, of the Artists Guild, are facilitating the organizing and hanging of the show. Each participating artist has created their own interpretation of the theme in their particular media, and most have in addition written a poem or thoughts to go with the object or image. Pieces will be separated by a ‘meditative distance’ rather than being clustered together, in order to allow the viewer to reflect on each piece. For this reason, there will be only one piece of artwork from each artist. The show will have an opening reception on November 6th at 2pm, and will include a speaker on the theme of healing.

Participating Artists are:
Joan Hector “Tree of Life” painting
Carol Dugan “In God’s Presence” photograph
C. Lynn Johnson “Cloudy, With a Chance of Hope” painting
Christine Hartzell “Original Magic” painting
Julia Emanuel “A Journey of a Thousand Miles” painting
Judi Brook “The Natural World” fiber art/mixed media
Brian Brook “The Healing Tree” metal sculpture with interactive healing note leaves
Larry-Michael Hackenberg “A Day of Celebration to Honor Throat” reproduction of original painting, with text
Barb Kroggel “Anything is Possible” photograph
Donna Rathert “Our Lady of Guadalupe” icon-paint and gold leaf on board
Becky Hackenberg “” painting
Mary Powers “Dreaming of Healing” fiber art/multimedia on silk
Lisa DeVine “Mandala” glass mandala necklace


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