Three Rivers Artists Guild

Fine Art in beautiful Three Rivers, Michigan


Policies and Procedures

Some details are more appropriately placed in board-approved policies rather than in the bylaws. These often include items such as membership criteria, membership dues determinations, and the operation of committees. It also is helpful to…


Proposed guild-bylaws (click link to read) Notes: ByLaws should be minimal, as here written. We shouldn’t put “Policies and Procedures” in the bylaws – for example, don’t include procedures for jurying-in, or exactly what specific…

Additional Officers

A proposal to designate additional offices that the Guild seems to need. To be filled by Directors At-Large or as executive committees. RESIDENT AGENT is required by the State of Michigan, “whose business office or…


Goals of the Three Rivers Artists Guild discussed in an interview by the River Country Journal with Becky Hackenberg and Larry-Michael Hackenburg. Artists Guild_interview_12-9-09 (December 9, 2009 – 12:07 – 11.1 MB)

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