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Proposed guild-bylaws (click link to read)

Notes: ByLaws should be minimal, as here written. We shouldn’t put “Policies and Procedures” in the bylaws – for example, don’t include procedures for jurying-in, or exactly what specific members can or cannot do, or the names of a lot of specific committees. These “Policies” are created by the board and so are easily changed as needed. See ‎The Guild is a Board of Directors run corporation, for speedy decision-making. Members may vote for officers and the board. [Change 2015, only Board members may vote, see Act 557.]
Please don’t specify ‘Roberts Rules of Order’ anywhere, it is so complex now that it is a disaster waiting to happen. The Board sets up it’s own procedures for meetings. ‘Standard Parliamentary Procedures’
These bylaws were written up after reading bylaws from a wide range of artist’s organizations. They relate specifically to Michigan and specifically to the Guild.

All requirements for Michigan State nonprofits are laid out in great detail in the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act, available online or search for Chapter 450, Act 162 and amendments. The state of Michigan requires that the Guild’s records be available by contacting the State Agent, a required position. The state also sends information for the Guild to the State Agent. Becky Hackenberg is one of the original incorporators of the Guild and is the State Agent.
Note, 2015: Act 557
Act 557 makes numerous substantive amendments to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act (1982 PA 162).

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