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Additional Officers

A proposal to designate additional offices that the Guild seems to need. To be filled by Directors At-Large or as executive committees.

RESIDENT AGENT is required by the State of Michigan, “whose business office or residence is identical with the registered office” of the Guild. This should be on the Board. The “Registered Office” is where the Guild’s records are kept.

MARKETING COORDINATOR: The Marketing Coordinator (MC) focuses on specific events, such as the Holiday Gallery and the Postcard Party. The MC oversees the creation of advertising (graphics, materials, etc.) for an upcoming Guild event and finds paid and unpaid ways to advertise the event including postcards, billboards, radio announcements, bulletin board announcements and paid ads in various media. The MC presents a budget for the event’s advertising for approval by the Board, and seeks volunteers among the membership to complete the tasks.

The Public Relations Coordinator(PRC) will to publicize the activities of the organization to the membership and to the local community.
1. To the membership: The PRC should organize a newsletter and website for the membership to promote communication and camaraderie within the group, including
Upcoming meetings, Upcoming events, Notes on members’ accomplishments, Special honors bestowed upon members, Birthdays, Committee reports, A calendar of upcoming projects, meetings and events.
2. To the local community: The PRC will oversee promotion the organization through local media and online social media, for the purpose of maintaining the interest and support in the general public in the organization. The PRC will maintain and update sections of the website with general information about the organization for journalists and public reference.

MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR shall maintain a membership tracking and recording system and collect dues. He/she shall have such other duties as may be assigned by the President or Board.
Tasks include-
Maintain a membership tracking and recording system.
Collect and record dues. Provide funds to the treasurer.
Notify members when their membership expires.
Provide membership updates for the newsletter and website.
Provide updated address file for mailings.
Provide updated email address for distribution announcements and the email newsletter.
Prepare and distribute the annual membership directory.

Tasks include-
Arrange programs and speakers for meetings and special functions.
Arrange for workshops and other special activities.

The Historian shall collect and preserve club photos and memorabilia, create and maintain a digital record of club events and have such other duties as may be assigned by the President or Board.
Tasks include-
Digitally photograph or have photographed club activities and events.
Post information about club history, activities and events on social media.
Archive the club’s digital history.
Assist members in locating information about past club activities.
Define and collect physical memorabilia to be kept in the future and maintain all physical memorabilia.
Function as Parliamentarian at board meetings: Identify applicable existing Bylaws and Policies during deliberations.

NEWSLETTER EDITOR shall publish the club newsletter and have such other duties as may be assigned by the President or Board.
Tasks include-
Request and consolidate member inputs of photos and information for the monthly club newsletter.
Format the newsletter for electronic transmission by email.
Add the newsletter files to the website.

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