We are an organization of fine artists in the Three Rivers area of southwest Michigan. Our mission is to grow awareness and appreciation for the visual arts in our community through creating a network of support for local artists. Promoting Three Rivers as an arts destination is also a goal of the Three Rivers Artists Guild.

The Three Rivers Artists Guild provides member visual fine artists with mutual support and inspiration as well as educational and exhibition opportunities. The Guild welcomes applications for membership from established and emerging artists striving for excellence in traditional and contemporary visual media, from Three Rivers and the surrounding areas. See Join the Guild for more information.

Our Statement of Purpose: Artists helping artists enhance their lives, their creative vision, and their community.

The Three Rivers Artists Guild is a State of Michigan Domestic Nonprofit Corporation.

  • Three Rivers Artists Guild
    PO Box 232
    Three Rivers, MI 49093
  • Email: 3rivart@gmail.com

Officers and Board Members 2016-2018:officers2015

  • President: Kathy Bingaman
  • Vice President: Eileen Mazurski
  • Treasurer: Brian Brook
  • Secretary: Larry-Michael Hackenberg, Scribe
  • Board of Directors members:
    • Becky Hackenberg (state agent)
    • C. Lynn Johnson (immediately previous president)
    • Lisa DeVine (at-large) (Holiday Gallery 2016 Coordinator)

Previous Officers and Board Members


  • PresidentC. Lynn Johnson
  • Vice-President – Kathy Bingaman
  • Treasurer – Brian Brook
  • Secretary – Larry-Michael Hackenberg
  • Board of Directors members:
    • Becky Hackenberg (state agent)
    • Judi Brook (immediately previous president)
    • Lisa DeVine (at-large)

  • PresidentJudi Brook
  • Vice-President – Lynn Johnson
  • Treasurer – Brian Brook
  • Secretary – Karen Hay
  • Board of Directors members:
    • Becky Hackenberg (state agent)
    • Larry-Michael Hackenberg
    • Lisa DeVine (at-large)

  • President – Mary Powers
  • Vice-President – Judi Brook
  • Treasurer – Brian Brook
  • Secretary – Julia Emanuel
  • Board of Directors members:
    • Becky Hackenberg (state agent)
    • Lisa DeVine
    • Gail Walters (at-large)

  • President – Cheryl Peck
  • Vice-President – Mary Powers
  • Treasurer – Brian Brook
  • Secretary – Julia Emanuel
  • Board of Directors members – Judi Brook, Becky Hackenberg (state agent) and Gail Walters

  • President – Becky Hackenberg
  • Vice President – Cheryl Peck
  • Secretary – Gail Walters
  • Treasurer – Brian Brook
  • “at large” Board of Directors members – Mary Powers, Judi Brook, Julia Emanuel

To learn more about the goals of the Three Rivers Artists Guild, listen to a 2009 audio interview by the River Country Journal of first president Becky Hackenberg and Larry-Michael Hackenburg. The interview with the late Bruce Snook was done during the Guild’s very first Holiday Gallery in 2009, and can be heard here:
Artists Guild_interview_12-9-09 (December 9, 2009 – 12:07 – 11.1 MB)

Guild logo designed by Judith Brook.

Online Media Resources

About the lighthouse: The lighthouse in Scidmore Park near the confluence of the three rivers of Three Rivers – the Rocky, the Portage, and the St. Joseph – is the city’s symbol and icon, and appears on signs and businesses throughout the area. Manhole covers, too!

The Three Rivers Artists Guild promotes our community’s awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the visual arts being created in our beautiful area. We join together as artists to develop, enhance and advance our creative visions.